Staff and Board

The MADE’s staff & volunteers:

  • Alex Handy, Executive Director,
  • Anders Sajbel, Front Desk,
  • Chris Wolf, Curator,
  • Criss Burki, Event Director,
  • Evie Salomon, Front Desk/Donations,
  • K. Cheng, Marketing and Special Events Director,
  • Kyle Dean, Chief Operating Officer,
  • Laurence Miotto, Director of IT,
  • Matt Swanson, Chief of Security,
  • Mike E. Peck, General Manager,
  • Sean Barber-Cane, Ambassador,
  • Steven B. Wheeler, Creative Director,
  • Taylor Nodell, Webmaster,

Board of Directors:

  • Alex Handy is an internationally published technology journalist with a dozen years of experience covering videogames, software development, and Bay Area culture. His work has appeared in Wired, the East Bay Express, Business Week, and the Software Development Times. He has won numerous awards for journalism, and his writings have been used in curriculum at Harvard. Slashdot once referred to him as “A well respected figure in games journalism.” When forced to choose, his favorite game is Super Metroid.
  • Dana R. Wagner is the General Counsel for Square, Inc., where he oversees legal, government relations, and compliance matters.  He was previously a Director at Google Inc., where he oversaw the company’s antitrust and competition practice. Among other projects, Mr. Wagner worked on the FTC’s and the European Commission’s conduct investigations of Google, on regulatory matters related to Google-Yahoo advertising agreements in the U.S. and Japan, and on Google’s mergers with ITA, AdMob, and DoubleClick.  Prior to joining Google, Mr. Wagner served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of California.  Before that, he served as a trial attorney for the United States Justice Department’s Antitrust Division, where he was responsible for civil and criminal enforcement of federal antitrust laws.  While working at the Antitrust Division, Mr. Wagner was also an adjunct professor at U.C. Hastings College of the Law.  He received a J.D. degree from Yale Law School and his B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley.
  • Don Kellogg is a senior researcher at Neustar specializing in apps, network technologies, mobile operating systems and games. Don’s research has appeared in the Economist, New York Times, International Business Times and the Harvard Business Review. He holds a BS in Business from California State University, Chico. Don is intensely interested in how mobile is changing the way we game and challenging concepts of interactivity and game design. If forced to choose, his favorite game would be Morrowind.
  • David Scott David Scott is an indie game developer and founding member of KIXEYE. He made the shift to developing games full time in 2007 after the release of “Flash Element TD”, the first browser-based Tower Defense game – kick-starting a whole new game sub-genre.
  • Anya Wright Anya Wright (Zavarzina) is mostly known as a designer and executive assistant to her husband Will Wright. When asked she usually replies with a smile, “I am a wife. But a really good one!” She doesn’t talk much about her life in Vladivostok, Russia (where she is from) but we do know that before she immigrated to the United States after the collapse of Soviet Union she was attending Far East University, studied English and Mandarin, was professional sprinter and, later a bodyguard. Right now she and her husband work together at their new startup Syntertainment Inc. and as Anya describes it, “We are together in everything”. Her primary interests include Art, Design and Psychology. “I like watching people”, she says, “I love hearing their stories. To me it doesn’t matter who you are; an ex-convict, or the President of the United States, as long as you are a good, decent person. I value sincerity and authenticity in people above all else. If it was up to me your reputation in this life would be your universal currency. You just can’t afford to be a scum in life.”
    Anya and Will have 3 sons and live in San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Van Ha Treasurer, is mysterious and organized.
  • Rena Zamora Secretary. Also organized.

The MADE is comprised of three different boards. The advisory board is made up of videogame historians, journalists and experts. The artist advisory board is comprised of people who create games and are familiar with the processes and principles involved in game development. Lastly, the Educational Advisory Board includes experts from games, learning, and education; they are committed to helping and inspiring the next generation of makers and leaders.

Advisory Board
Chris Baker
Simon Carless
Frank Cifaldi
Darren Gladstone
George Jones
Wil O’Neal
Thierry “Scooter” Nguyen
Brandon Sheffield
Jason Whong
Chris Kohler
Daniel Rehn
Peter Cohen
Al Sweigart
Jason Scott
Jon Peddie
J. Michael James
Artist Advisory Board
Will Wright
Derek Yu
Alyssa Finley
Laralyn McWilliams
André LaMothe
Chris Taylor
Robin Arnott
Rawson Stovall
Ian Livingstone, OBE
Sarah Roth
RJ Mical
Steve Horowitz
Erin Hoffman
Crystal Silva
James Clarendon
Ed Fries
Gaurav Mathur
Scott Looney
Heather Polubinski
Educational Advisory Board
Greg Allenhello
Kimberly Bryant
Logan De Ley
Kristen DiCerbo
Kate Edwards
Tim Ernst
Ed Fries
Louis Gonzales
Christy Marx
Patrick Mork
Emma Nothmann
Brenda Romero
Michael Sehgal
Anita Stokes
Al Sweigart
Josephine Tsay