Scratch Volunteers

The MADE is looking for volunteer teachers for its 90-minute weekend video game programming classes for kids. No coding experience is required. The classes take place at the museum located at 3400 Broadway, near I-580. Currently classes are on Saturdays from 10am to 11:30am, but we are planning to expand classes to the afternoon and Sundays as well.

Please contact Alex Handy (, if you’d like to volunteer.

These classes use Scratch, the free programming education tool from MIT.

Each class guides the kids through a new game project (you can see some previous projects on the Scratch website). Since the classes are drop-in and don’t build on each other, you can volunteer for any weekend as often as you want.

Here is the main web page for the Scratch class.

Programming experience is helpful, but not required. Our current setup uses a pair-instructor setup with one instructor as the “lecturer” and another sitting at the computer connected to the projector as the “driver”. The lecturer teaches the class while the driver follows the instructions along with the class. This lets the driver also learn with the class (while keeping an eye on the progress of nearby students) and prevents the lecturer from moving too fast). Future classes with a more free-floating structure are planned.

Steps you can take to prepare for the classes (whether you have programming experience of not):

There are several places where you can pick up the basics of Scratch programming:

If you would like to lead other educational classes, the MADE’s facility has a classroom with 15 laptops and wifi. The space is currently underutilized, especially on weekdays. If you have an afterschool program that needs a classroom, please contact the Alex Handy (