New Fundraising Campaign!

WE HAVE RAISED $8,723 OUT OF $20,000 NEEDED AS OF August16.

On February 1st, we began our “Level 2” fundraising campaign. We will be running this campaign as long as we need to, in an effort to raise the funds needed to run the MADE into 2013. All donated funds will be used to keep the doors open, the lights on, the insurance up to date, and the Internet connected. We will not spend your money on frivolous things, only on the education of the public. We’ve been here before: our Kickstarter campaign yielded $20,000, and here we are, six months later having completed every goal for that project, exceded our wildest expectations on every endeavour.

Since Kickstarter, we have raised modest amounts through admission fees and event fees. We have used those admission fees to procure furniture and old televisions. To date, we’ve spent $800 on furniture and old TV’s. Oddly, old televisions and folding tables all cost about the same: $10 to $35 a piece. Our shelves were $35 a piece.

We marked a first for the MADE on Saturday, February 18: it was the first time the MADE had spent admission-gathered funds on acquiring relics. We spent $20 at the White Elephant Sale in Oakland for some Sega Genesis Joysticks and a few boxed games. We have not spent a dime on the collection, neither before or since.

To put that into context, the MADE’s current collection of consoles, equipment, artifacts and plain old games numbers well into the 10’s of thousands of items, and yet, we have thus far spent only $20 on item acquisition. This includes the massive donation of the GamePro archives.

In contrast, it costs $2500 per month to keep the MADE open. That’s rent plus Internet and insurance. Power is included in rent. That’s one full month of classes, lectures and events. Every dime you donate is going towards a space that teaches the kids of Oakland how to program in Scratch and Python, and provides a safe place for gamers of all ages to socialize and learn. Our classes are completely free, and we actually have the problem of having too many kids. It’s a nice problem to have, but we’re scrounging for PCs and teachers in order to keep up with demand. Fret not, we are having success in both efforts, and our classes are already occupying most of Saturdays.

Of course, we’ve got lots of other exciting activites going on at The MADE, such as our February 24 Dance Dance Museum Revolution party, and our extraordinary 3D Exhibit opening at GDC this year. And then there was the Molyjam on the weekend of March 31.

Our main reason for existing is to inspire the next generation of video game developers. That entails teaching, preserving, and of course, lots of playing games. Because a game you can’t play is like a painting in an art gallery without lights.

Please help us to keep the lights on.

To donate, please click on the donate button at the bottom of this page. Additionally, we are always accepting donations at the space, and if you can’t make it in person  or digitally, our mailing address is:

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment
610 16th st Suite #230
Oakland, CA 94612

You can also donate online right now with PayPal. Click below!


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