The MADE’s 3 Year Anniversary Lineup Announced!



We’ve finalized our plans for this coming weekend’s 3rd anniversary spectacular. September 6, from 12 to 6 PM, the festivities will take place. The day will include tournaments, meet-ups, food, and beverages. Admission will be completely free, but people are encouraged to bring their donations of equipment and stuff: your old games, consoles, and computers can find a new home and a new life in our collection.

The day’s festivities begin at noon, but┬átechnically, we still open at 10 AM for our traditional kids programming classes, free and open to any children aged 8-14. As soon as class ends at noon, our Interactive Fiction class begins and runs until 1. Then it’s on to the monthly Interactive Fiction meetup, which happens every first Saturday of the month. For the rest of the day, also, in the parlor area of our classroom, we’ll be hosting 4-player LAN gaming in Quake, Marathon, and a few other fun old-school games for the iMac cluster.

In the Museum itself, we’re hosting all-day multiplayer games, such as Dance Dance Revolution, B.U.T.T.O.N. and Rock Band. Starting at 2, we’ll be hosting a pub-quiz style trivia competition until 3, with prizes for the winners. From 3 to 4, we’re hosting a Mario Kart tournament, and a Super Smash Brothers tournament. At 4, the Kessel Run will perform a live set of acoustic tunes. And at 5 PM, we’ll be hosting an hour of stand-up comedy in the Museum, courtesy of some wonderful local comedians.

The Museum will be closing at 6 PM, as usual, but as this is the first Saturday of the month, at 7PM in our classroom, we’ll be hosting Artemis, the multi-player star ship bridge simulator. Live out your Star Trek fantasies, and wear your favorite generation of uniform to join our regular crew of Artemis players. The game begins at 7PM, and if we have 12 players, we can host a second ship and play collaboratively. Or competitively. It’s up to the captains!


10-11:30: Kids programming classes, aged 8-14 (And every Saturday, same time!)

12-1: Interactive Fiction Class (free to all ages, every Saturday, same time!)

12-6: Museum opens (And every Saturday/Sunday, same time!)

1-3: Interactive Fiction Meetup (Every first Saturday of the month, same time!)

2-3: Ultimate Nerdtacular Pub-StyleTrivia Extravagaaanzaaaaaa!

3-4: Mario Kart Tournament

4-5: The Kessel Run (Live)

5-6: The Original Barylicks of Comedy

7-9: Artemis in classroom (Every first Saturday of the month, same time!)


Open Hours:
Weekends, 12PM-6PM
Gen. Adm: $5, Memberships Available