The MADE”s collection just got a lot bigger

We’ll update you on this with photos and info, but right now, we’d just burried under stuff. Our collection has quintupled in size thanks to the donation of GamePro’s archives. Needless to say, we have a lot of work ahead of us, cataloging and organizing everything. If you want to help, you could donate shelves and tables, both of which we need very badly, especially now that we have added about 100 office boxes full of games, prototypes, consoles, and even a complete set of the GamePro editors’ action figures. We’re all very sorry to see the magazine cease publication, but we’re delighted that the archives were donated to us, rather than disposed of. In the past, when game magazines have folded, large chunks of gaming history were thrown into dumpsters. We did not allow that to happen here. Special thanks to our volunteers Van, Jason, Hudak, Manny, Sean, and Frank who made this happen. Total cost to the MADE: $20 in bridge tolls. Saving a piece of videogame history: priceless.

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