Meeting tomorrow, something or other Friday

We’re cranking through the inventory listing process, which is quite a chore. We’ve finished inputting the Atari 2600 carts, of which, we have over 200. A great start! Of course, there are duplicates in there, but that’s just fine. Especially since every copy of Atlantis is a potential Atlantis II!

We’ll always be indexing and inputting new items into our databases. It’ll be one of the primary tasks, now and forever, for our volunteers. And you can volunteer by coming down and helping us out any day this week. We’ll be opening for meeting tomorrow at around 5 PM. The actual meeting will take place at 7 PM, but the primary focus of said meeting will be logging in stuff. We even have extra laptops for you to use if you do not have one.

This initial indexing should be done by the end of the week. Particularly since Friday is the 14th, the first day we’ve said we’ll be having events! That means we need an event, however. A few ideas have been suggested. One is a fighting game tournament. Another is opening the space to anyone who is doing the 24 Extra-Life Videogame Challenge in the Bay Area. Unfortunately, we only heard about the event today, so we’ll have to rush to get in touch with them. Anyone know of local participants? We’d love folks to come in and play out their 24 hours in our space, on our games.

So, if you’ve an idea for what we should do Friday night, please drop us an email at and keep your eye on our site and calendar for events as we schedule them.

Open Hours:
Weekends, 12PM-6PM
Gen. Adm: $5, Memberships Available