The MADE at GDC 2014



 UPDATE: The History of Lucasfilm is now playable at The MADE during open hours. Games include Tie Fighter, X-Wing, Rebel Assault, Maniac Mansion, Shadows of the Empire, Ball Blazers, Afterlife, Jedi Starfighter, and Loom. Come see this exhibit in downtown Oakland at The MADE!

The MADE will, once again, be at Game Developer’s Conference. The 2014 show features two amazing retro post mortems, and we’re showing exhibits that sync up with both. First, we’ll be demonstrating the history of LucasFilm games. Obviously, this includes the work of LucasArts, as well, but we’re focusing on the early days of software development at Lucas, as well as the better examples of Star Wars themed games. The trouble with doing a straight LucasArts exhibit is that we’ve already shown a number of the LucasArts adventure games in other exhibits, such as Grim Fandango and Full Throttle in our Games you can Frame exhibit.

ballblazer (1)

We don’t want to make too many promises about the exhibit yet, as it is still being finalized, but you can expect to see titles like Ballblazers, Habitat, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, X-Wing and the seminal work, Tie Fighter. To add to the fun, We’re hoping to have Ballblazers on the Atari 8-bit home computer. We’ll also have some of the Habitat source code to look through, and both X-Wing and Tie Fighter should be running with joysticks and an on-staff human replacement for an R2 unit. That means you’ll have a co-pilot.


The second post mortem at GDC is Zork. And we’ll have Zork 1 and 2 playable in our exhibit space. Which, by the way, will be on the second floor of the Moscone West building, in the forward lobby area. You should see us as soon as you come up the escalator in Moscone West.


But wait, there’s more! At GDC, we’ll be hosting retro development birds-of-a-feather meetups right next to our booth. These meetups will focus broadly on retro development platforms, such as 8-bit computers (C64, Apple II, Atari) 8-bit consoles (NES, SMS), spriting, chiptunes, and other topics of interest only to a very specific breed of person. The goal of these birds-of-a-feather meetups is to bring out the laptops and show off your retro development project to other like-minded folks. Ideally, we’ll be able to link up new developers who are learning about old platforms with the folks who wrote for those platforms the first time around. And much homebrew will be fostered.


On a final note, I’d like to thank Nameless-Monster for all the great drawings he’s done for us, and Duncan Robson, who created our new logo, and thenStar-Wars-ified it.

Open Hours:
Weekends, 12PM-6PM
Gen. Adm: $5, Memberships Available