The MADE has a space!

Update #11: We’ve got a space!
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The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment now has a home! We signed a lease on a 2,064 sq ft space in Oakland on Friday. The location is at 610 16th St., Suite 230 Oakland CA 94612. It’s at the corner of Jefferson and 16th, and is about 3.5 to 4 blocks from BART, depending on your station exit. We have 24/7 access to the space, and the rent includes power, cleaning and maintenance.

The lease is only for 12 months, so this space will be mostly about preparing for the next space, which we hope will be in San Francisco by 2013. In the meantime, we will be moving into this space, sorting and cataloguing all our assets, and trying to set up at least 3 on-site events per week. We want to have tons of reasons for ya’ll to come to the space often.

We want to host classes on making games, talks by people in the industry, tournaments, and LAN parties, so if you want to get onto our calendar, drop me a line at or email Van at Some things we’re already planning include an expo at the Chabot Science center in November, weekly fighting game tournaments (Street Fighter 2, etc.) and classes in how to program games in Python. We have lots more planned, but these are the initial thing we know we’ll be doing. Additionally, we’ll be hosting Block Party in December, which is a Demo Scene party. We also want to hold a 48 hour game dev party at some point before the end of the year.

We take possession of the space on October 1. It is wheelchair accessible.

If you want to send us things, you’re welcome to pop them in the mail now. Shipping address is:

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment

610 16th St.

Suite 230

Oakland, CA 94612

Thanks for all your help, folks. Thanks to you, we have enough money in the bank to keep this space open and running until the end of May, next year. That’s a huge runway, and plenty for us to make sure we get on our feet and get ourselves to San Francisco next year.

Open Hours:
Weekends, 12PM-6PM
Gen. Adm: $5, Memberships Available