Just What Are We Doing Lately?

As you may have noticed, we haven’t blogged in a week or so, nor has there been much chatter on the mailing list. This is not to say we’re not moving forward. The thing is, we’ve been crunching on our business plan and our interpretive plan. Our final drafts will be done June 30, then we should take about 15 days to pass it around to people for input, with final changes going in and the final final documents being released in mid July.

At that time, as well, we’ll be actively engaging in lease negotiations and additional fundraising. We do need more money to make 3rd and Market St. work, but it’s not our only option. Last week, I had a meeting with the city of San Francisco. They’re looking to redevelop Central Market, which is an easily accessible, but terribly frightening area of the city. The problem, it seems, is that most of the mental health services in the city are located in this area, and yet, only 25% of the people who take advantage of them live in Central Market.

That means 75% of the people using the mental health services available in Central Market are coming to the area for these services. Long story short, there’s not only local crazy homeless people in Central Market, there are commuting crazy homeless people there as well. It’s a dicey area.

Of course, the idea for the city is to fix all of this and make Central Market an upscale destination area. It’s an old goal for SF, but the folks we talked to made it sound like the City is finally serious about fixing the area. We’d love to see that happen. And if we can get some really cheap space down there, we’ll take it. But given the same size, same rent as 3rd and Market, we’d choose 3rd and Market.

We’re looking all over for space, of course, but in the end, it’s really all about getting in touch with the building owners, rather than the realtors. And the city has promised to help us do just that in Central Market. Fingers crossed!

When our plans are done and revised, we’ll post them here for ya’ll to see, kk?

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