Broadcasting the Meeting

Tonight is weekly meeting night at Noisebridge: 2169 Mission st. in SF.There’s talk of broadcasting the meeting via tinychat. As always, you can join us in #made on Freenode, where we keep the minutes of the meetings.

We’ll be coordinating fulfillment of gifts more, preparing for Maker Faire, and discussing what we need for our tour of the space next week. It’s tape measure and CAD time, after that, as we plot out exactly what we want to with the Market St. location. Come one, come all to the meeting! Lots of work is going on, and many projects are already under way. The Demo Scene has surfaced, and contacted us, and we’re looking at a Hideo excerpts benefit concert and raffle sometime on a Saturday in June, in SOMA. Sadly, we’ll need an opera house to have Hideo performed in full three-digits of musicians glory.
The Demo Scene, by the way, seems to be ripe for artistic exhibition. Every day, we seem to pick up a new gallery or space that would be interested in hosting such an exhibition. The key now, is for us to figure out how to show the public the processes and skill involved in coding demos. If we can explain that, explaining the code behind videogames in a museum setting should be no problem at all!

Open Hours:
Weekends, 12PM-6PM
Gen. Adm: $5, Memberships Available