Found our dream space!

Greetings donors! Only 7 days left to reach our goal, so please help spread the word!

We have found our dream location at 3rd and Market. The building owners are very reasonable, and have said our offer of $1 per square foot for their 5800 square feet of space is acceptable to them. This site gets AMAZING foot traffic, and is right in the heart of the museum district in downtown SF. It has its own entryway, and is 100% ADA compliant with its own elevator and bathrooms. There’s a bad photo above. Next time we tour, we’ll bring a better flash as it’s dark down there in the space.

This is a larger space than we had previously anticipated getting, but considering the location (1 block from SF MOMA, Cable cars, Moscone, BART) and the insanely low price for that area (Across the street, they want $38 per sq ft PER MONTH!) we don’t feel that we can pass up this opportunity. It’s also an opportunity that is exclusive to us.

So here’s our dilemma at the moment: the 3rd and Market St. location will likely take 6 months to get a lease signed, due to the institutionalism of the owners of the building: They move slowly, and the space has been vacant for 10 years. Rest assured, we can get this space, we just need to spend those 6 months building a very specific plan for that space, including 3D models of the interior and mock-ups of what we’ll do with the space.

We’re the only viable candidates going after this space, right now. The other people who have put in a bid on it want to turn it into a nightclub (which is what the space was 10 years ago). Unfortunately for them, the building owners HATE night clubs, and have no desire to have one in their basement. As such, we also want to show them what gamers are like en mass, so we need to find a local LAN party or event to which we can take them to prove that games don’t get into drunken fights and don’t require deafening drum n’ bass music at 2 am.

So, in the meantime, we are debating our options for a temporary space. Should we use your funds to move into a location in crackhead central (6th st. and Howard, or the Tenderloin) where we’re finding some nice smaller spaces, or should we just hold your donations in the bank until we are ready to move into the 3rd and Market location? Rest assured, this in no way changes our plans for using these funds: they’re still going towards rent, insurance, power, Internet, and water/garbage for a location and nothing else.

This is a decision we’ll be making over the next month. It is also possible that we will be setting up in a temporary free location, if we can find one that is acceptable. Given a free location, we can build our exhibits and continue to plan events that take place in other venues.

Right now, we are already planning a performance of the concert “Hideo” and a demo scene exhibition, both of which will be held in locations that have been offered to us for free, if only for one night.

So, please let us know what you think we should do? We want your advice.

TL;DR: We’re going to eventually be at 3rd and Market. Should we spend these funds on a temporary space elsewhere until we get into 3rd and Market, or should we save the money to use on the 3rd and Market space?

Open Hours:
Weekends, 12PM-6PM
Gen. Adm: $5, Memberships Available