GDC Day 1

Game Developers Conference kicked off in earnest today. After quite a struggle setting up the booth, I personally was quite worried about the rest of the event last night. The power switch on our Intellivision broke, and some of the things we’d ordered from show services just weren’t showing up at the booth.

This morning, the problems continued, as our Bomberman cartridge was not behaving properly, no matter how much we blew on it. The cart remains less than optimal, but you can play a little bit of the game. It’s exhibiting some truly beautiful glitches, as a side bonus.

But at 10 AM, the show floor opened and the developers, students and media poured into the exhibit hall. At that moment, everything became completely wonderful. Everyone was friendly and excited to learn about us, and folks really got excited about signing the big game dev tree poster.

Ten minutes in, Scott Berfield stopped by. He’s one of the creators of ToeJam & Earl, and he signed both our game dev tree poster and our copy of TJ&E (museum property!) When he stopped by, I shouted his name with glee, and pointed behind me at the game running on our JVC Xeye. He smiled and shouted back “It’ll never sell.”

Further luminaries who stopped by to sign our game dev family tree include David Crane (I wasn’t there when he came by… drat!), Alan Miller, Ian Livingstone OBE, and Ed Magnin.

Tomorrow will surely be just as exciting, and the day begins with me hosting a round table on game preservation.  It’s at 9 AM in Moscone North Hall, room 112. I hope to see some of you there, where we’ll be brainstorming on how to preserve bits.

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