Volunteer at The MADE!

We need you! The MADE needs people to fill some vital roles, all volunteer, of course! Below is a list of the positions we have created. Most of them will require you to define your own job and build your own department. These positions will require dedication and reliability. if you don’t think you’re these people, we’d still love to hear from you if you’re willing to take on any of the smaller tasks that fall under these positions. There will be plenty of opportunity for less stressful volunteer positions soon.

Chief Curator:
As a museum, we need someone to archive and log our assets. We need this person to be a take-charge kind of designer, who will also head up exhibit designs. Of course, these don’t have to be the same person. The ideal candidate will know a lot about games, be exceedingly organized, and be able to delegate tasks to create a exhibits from a vision. This position is probably the most important in the organization. You will be constructing our entire archive system, and will need to recruit people to build displays, research history, interview developers, and build out our online game servers. Old servers. Stuff with bit rot all over it. You will also be responsible for maintaining a Subversion server for all the source code donated to us.

Community manager:
This person will manage social sites, the blog, and events. They will also be responsible for fielding questions via email spreading the word about upcoming activities and news.

Administrative Leader:
Build our organization, from a paper-work standpoint. We need a paperwork ninja who will be willing to stick with us and grow as we grow. “Who uses a machete to cut through red tape.” Tracking the money, the receipts and keeping bills paid will be the primary role of this person.

Development coordinator:
Raises money. Manages fundraising campaigns. This is a fairly specific job, and we’d love to put someone with experience at a non-profit development job in this position. Will work with the community manager and the marketing folks to make sure events and campaigns are coordinated correctly.

Facilities manager:
This will be a position in charge of the MADE’s physical space, physical security, and integrity. Initially, it’ll mean coordinating the cleaning, the painting, and the build-out of our museum facilities. You’ll also be responsible for making sure the trash gets taken out and that the bathrooms are clean. Lucky you! But, hey, you get to recruit minions with no unit limit.

Director of IT:
Build out our servers, get our Web site up to snuff, recruit coders to build our systems. Also, coordinate with the curator to make sure we can host the old game servers we need. You’ll also get to see if we can hook up with Monkey Brains, or not. This is, again, a job that will get to have lots of minions.

Director of marketing:
Designs and maintains our assets, shirts, stickers, pamphlets, propaganda, etc. Works with development and community management. Will need to recruit lots of artists to our cause.
If you are interested in these positions, please email the list, or email me off-list at this address. Please feel free to pass these positions around to your friends and online in any social groups you may have.

Open Hours:
Weekends, 12PM-6PM
Gen. Adm: $5, Memberships Available