Thanks for the Equipment: A 2 year donation retrospective


I’ve been hesitant to post updates on this blog because we are in the middle of migrating the site from Drupal to WordPress, and I hate making our sysadmin capture a new image of the site, as pouring it into the new blog is difficult enough without me adding new content every day.

Still, it’s a spurious excuse for not having updated the world on our extensive progress. After all, I entirely neglected to write a 2-year anniversary blog post!

That’s right, the MADE has been open for 2 years now! We’ve come a very long way, from our early start in September of 2011, when the space was little more than some boxes filled with all the extra videogame stuff I’d accumulated over the years. My initial donation included a boxed Apple Pippin and a lot of other games and ephemera from my years reporting on the industry.

Just a few days after we opened the doors and stashed all my junk, Miah Johnson was kind enough to donate her collection, the basis of which still makes up our internal gaming infrastructure. Her donation made my initial barrage of stuff look like a warning shot.

Miah donated things like a Neo Geo CD, a JVC Xeye, a Sega Nomad, Vib Ribbon, and numerous other items that we’ve exhibited and displayed over the years. Her donations aren’t done yet, as the boxes of PS2 games she brought to our 2 year anniversary party indicated. We’re super grateful to her for her generosity, and we’ve neglected thanking her for too long.

Of course, shortly after Miah and I donated the initial stash of stuff, the GamePro Magazine collection was entrusted to us, dwarfing both of our individual donations. But that’s not the end of the long line of folks who’ve been generous enough to entrust their collections to the MADE.

My own uncle, John Ewalt, willed his collection of PC games to the museum. We’ve got them on display, now, and eventually we’ll be naming some form of interactive fiction and adventure game exhibit (or room) after him.

Simon Carless handed over his copy of Rez and vibrating brick, as well as a few Neo-Geo MVS carts, and more importantly to us, a Samsung Nuon player. This is significant because, for a long time, we had a good stack of Nuon games but no Nuon. James Clarenden, however, doubled our Nuon player donation count, yesterday, when he brought us his with a sealed controller! He also brought in some exceptionally unique items we’ll talk about in a couple of years…

Sellam Ismail was kind enough to contribute a full boxed Magnavox Odyssey along with a number of iMacs, Macs, Atari ST’s and Apple 2’s. Jim Siefert and Will Wright brought us a number of sealed Maxis games, and staff-signed copied of SimCity 2000 and SimCopter.

Our pal in the south bay, Raoul Duke, has brought us tons of great Sega stuff, matched only by Aliruu in Pittsburg Pennsylvania, who mailed us 6 large boxes packed with Japanese Saturn and PC-Engine games. The two of them single-handedly tripled the size of our Sega stash.

David Leong donated a healthy collection of Commodore 64 stuff, and more recently, Greg Jones dropped off an in-the-box TRS-80 with all the trimmings. Then there was James Hofmann and his family, which contributed their entire Atari 600/800/1200xl collection, complete with software. I could tell as I loaded it all into my car that they’d all had quite an attachment to that system and software: I’m pretty sure it set James on his career path.

And speaking of Atari, Eric Gray gave us his Atari 5200 and 2600 game adapter, while Ben lee game us a 1040 ST, an 800, and by far, the most important piece of Atari equipment we have, an Atari ST monitor. That’s because the monitor port for the ST series is super proprietary, so there’s no way to run an ST without an ST monitor, which we didn’t have until Ben showed up. I remember staring at pin-out diagrams near tears because there was no way to hack an ST monitor onto our working machines before Ben arrived.

Speaking of saviors, Carl and Mike Gorringe beamed down a Star Trek analog electronic photon game, in the original box, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away. While I’m mixing my sci-fi metaphors, I’ll also state that Mike has been a great financial supporter of our museum, as well, a feat worthy of an emperor. Or a captain. Or a Foundation. Or two or three. I’ll stop now.

I could go on and on and on. So many kind and generous game enthusiasts have donated their equipment to us, and we’re very flattered with the steady flow of stuff we’ve acquired from your garages and basements over the past 2 years. Thank you all, and if we missed out on mentioning your name in here, email me and I’ll add it. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot of people and things, as I wrote this from memory. Yeah, I care that much so as to try and remember every single donation that comes through our door.

And, of course, we couldn’t do any of this without sponsors Will and Anya Wright, David and Sarah Scott, Don Kellogg and Emma Nothmann, Dolby Labs, Google, Jon Peddie Research, Portrait Displays, Inc., Perforce Software, Kalypso Media, and Rackspace!

It’s been a great two years. Thanks for all of your support. If you’d like to donate equipment, and are wondering what we’re looking for, here’s the list of needs, below. This week, Casey Kirkruff donated his Neo Geo MVS 4-slot system, so we are now asking for MVS game carts.

– Neo-Geo MVS arcade cartridges
– New Arcade buttons and sticks (the Neo Geo is a little worn)
– CD-I consoles and games. We have no CD-I console!
– 3Do consoles. We’d like at least 2 more.
– NES cartridges and NES consoles (Our NES cart collection is pathetic!)
– Turbo Grafix 16 Consoles and CD attachments, and CD cards.
– Gaming mice and keyboards (I’m looking at you, Razor)
– 1 or 2 DVD players
– Power stripes, heavy extension cords
– CD-based games of all sort, particularly PC games from the 90’s
– A Nintendo Pong Console

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