Minecraft Oakland Available for Download


I probably should have posted here sooner about the completion of Minecraft Oakland. You can read a complete summary of how the event went down and how things turned out on my Gamasutra blog Post Mortem. But we both know you don’t really want to read that wall of self-indulgent text. What you really want is Minecraft Oakland. There, you have it. I’ll link it again: Here is the link to download the map file for Minecraft Oakland.


So how did the event, our first collaboration with the Oakland Museum of California, turn out? It was a roaring success. We had numerous visitors over the 3 days, most of whom at least attempted to explore Oakland. The vast majority of visitors, however, spent a lot of time sitting with Oakland and modifying it. Naturally, some of our younger, less restrained visitors immediately began blowing large holes in the city with dynamite, or spawning endless waves of nasty monsters at 14th and Broadway. Others left the confines of the city to build their own hide-outs. The general reaction was one of “Oh, cool! Minecraft!”

I think the broader take-away for the Museum was a newfound understanding of the power of community collaboration. Reaching out to existing communities with specific passions, and engaging those passions for a collaborative goal is a powerful way to create new experiences for the public.

So, here’s the break down: Oakland, as it was, completed by the Paradise Minecraft community. Oakland, at the end of day 1. Oakland at the end of day 2. Oakland at the end of day 3. We reset the map to its original form at the beginning of each day, so each day is completely different, not cumulative. Additionally, you will spawn at 17th and Telegraph, where there really isn’t anything to see. Head up telegraph, towards 14th and Broadway, and you will begin to see structures.


That should keep your Minecraft-avatar busy for a while. Enjoy exploring downtown Oakland.


Open Hours:
Weekends, 12PM-6PM
Gen. Adm: $5, Memberships Available