Summer Games Exhibit Launches July 1

We all know that summer in the Bay Area is a fickle thing – we’re as likely to be surrounded by fog and wind as we are by sunshine and clear skies.

That being said, this summer, there’s one place where the sun will always be shining, the skies will be azure, and the surf is always up! From July 1-August 15, we’re pleased to present our “Summer Games Exhibit,” an eclectic celebration of some of Nintendo’s most celebrated – and fun – games that we have in our collection.

“The Summer Games Exhibit is designed to offer an idyllic escape from the clouds outside,” said Manny Tovar, the MADE’s own manager and curator of the current exhibit. “All of these games offer the opportunity for a summertime escape into worlds that are fancy-free and gorgeous!”

Here are the games we’ll be featuring (all games will be exhibited on their original format and console except where noted):

Super Mario Sunshine (Nintendo GameCube): One of 2002’s best-selling games, this Mario installment has you cleaning up a tropical island that’s been ecologically soiled. And, oh yeah, Princess Peach has been abducted. (again)

Skate or Die (Nintendo Entertainment System): In 1988, I had a Powell Peralta Caballero deck with Vision trucks and played this game non-stop. The best skateboard game for home systems.

WaveRace 64 (Nintendo64): 1996’s fantastic Jet Ski racer for the new Nintendo 64. The waves still look pretty real and the racing is fun. We have the Japanese version for you, and will be happy to translate.

Mario Golf (Nintendo Gameboy/Nintendo64): According to (who rated it 10/10), this game is a “masterpiece.” Released in 1999, take a break from rescuing the Princess for a few rounds of golf on a warm, summer day.

Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo Wii): Nintendo released this game in 2009 to show off the motion plus controls for the Wii. Set on a tropical vacation isle, you can row, run, cycle and table tennis your way to victory.

In addition, we’ll also have Ubisoft’s tropical island shooter, Far Cry 3, available to play on the PC. This one will definitely envelop you in a summer landscape – but be warned – it’s not as hospitable location as our Nintendo exhibits!

So stop by – the museum is open Saturdays and Sundays from 12-6 (and sometimes on Wednesday) and we’d love to see you. Open play is $5 (and another fiver gets you access to our entire game library…)

Open Hours:
Weekends, 12PM-6PM
Gen. Adm: $5, Memberships Available