The Coolest Videogame Photo Ever Taken

There can be no discussion or argument. This is the coolest photo ever taken in the world of videogames.

Super Metroid, Stephen Slug Russell

This is a photo of a man who has just beaten Super Metroid (and saved the alien animal pals on the way out) in front of Stephen “Slug” Russell.

Super Metroid and Stephen "Slug" Russell

Super Metroid and Stephen "Slug" Russell

These photos were taken at our booth at this year’s GDC conference. It was a terrific show, where we spoke with many amazing people. We showed off the Journeyman Project’s two unreleased Playstation conversions, and Jerry Lawson‘s son Marc dropped by to exhibit some of his father’s equipment.

The show in pictures is available on my Flickr feed. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth!

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