The Coleco Adam, Our Newest Addition

It’s the device in which console and computer met, and thus, it’s the perfect piece to have added. It’s the Adam Computer, in the box! Back in the 80’s, new users grew tired of hearing that they had to buy additional items to make their computer work. Imagine buying a Timex Sinclair, or a Commodore 64 and arriving home, only to discover that there was no real way to plug infomation into the device, no way to save your data, and no way to print! The horrors! So, Coleco, the same company that created the Cabbage Patch Kids and the Colecovision, attempted to correct this problem by selling an all-in-one Adam. The box came with a line printer, the computer, keyboard and two joypads. In addition, the Adam had two, count-em, two built in tape drives, and a second slot for plugging in game cartridges from the Colecovision.

You can imagine our joy to have found one at the flea market Sunday. It was quite a large box to lug back on foot, but it was worth the back pains. It’s complete, and still has the Toys R’ Us pice tag on the side of the box. We’re fairly certain the printer was never even unwrapped and used. Come visit the new Adam on our open days, Saturday and Sunday!

Open Hours:
Weekends, 12PM-6PM
Gen. Adm: $5, Memberships Available