Summer Camps Begin July 16

We will be holding 1-week long kids camps this summer. Camps will feature classes on varying game development systems as the summer progresses, ranging from Unity, to Scratch to Python. Other activities will include 3D modeling in Sketchup, making board games in teams, working on pixel art, and playing the same classic games you were raised on. Plus, we’ll have visits from real, actual, professional game developers to answer kids quesitons and explain how they got into the business.

Camper slots still available in the following weeks:

August 20

Camp costs $275 per child per week, with a lunch option available for an addiitonal $25 per week, per kid. Ages 9-13 please!

Camps begin at 10 AM and end at 3 PM, every weekday. To sign up, email 

Questions? Email for a prompt response!

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment’s (The MADE) first ever summer camp program will give your kids an education in software development as well as a more cultured gaming palette.Kids aged 9 to 13 will take part in game development classes using Scratch and Sketchup, and will also spend their time working on game-related arts and crafts. Campers will create board games, draw the characters they want to use in their games, and learn how they can continue to work on their projects after camp has ended.

Camp begins on Monday, July 16th with every successive week marking the start of a new camp with new kids. Camps will not follow a strict class regime, so multiple week campers can work on their projects from week to week without impediment.

Each day begins at 10 AM and ends at 3 PM. Parents can drop off their kids as early as 9:30 AM, and pick them up as late as 3:30 PM. The camps are one week (Monday through Friday) in length, and can be stacked week on week if your campers want to keep coming.

Camp reservations are available at  $275.00 per week, per child, with tax included. If lunch is desired, parents can spend $5.00 per day to have a homemade lunch ready for their campers at the Museum, bringing the total per week price to $300.00.

Along with programming, art and music classes, each week will feature guest teachers and videogame industry luminaries who will answer any and all questions the kids have about working in videogames for a living.

Finally, your campers will, of course, get time to play games at the Museum. We schedule about two hours per day for this activity, right after lunch and from 2 PM until 3:30 PM, campers will have free time to work on whatever they desire, be it their game, music, art, or whatever gamethey’ve found to enjoy. Campers will not play Call of Duty or other new games. We will, instead, select playable games that will expand their gaming palette: Think “Super Mario Brothers”, “Zork” and “Sonic the Hedgehog:” They’ll play Atari, NES, and Sega Genesis games, among other classics.

For more information, or to register your kids, please email or
610 16th St, Suite 230 Oakland, CA 94612
Dial #0230 on the box to be buzzed in

Open Hours:
Weekends, 12PM-6PM
Gen. Adm: $5, Memberships Available