Big Steel Battalion Box

The Big Steel Battalion Box (B.S.B.B.) is a fan-made cockpit created as an extension for the mech simulation game Steel Battalion (Xbox, 2002). It adds environmental effects such as rumblers and warning lights, as well as an external coaching station where the player can be monitored and given directions.

All museum visitors and skill levels are welcome to test drive the B.S.B.B.—as it’s also designed as a platform for a cooperative metagame of communication between two inexperienced players. While the rookie pilot comes to grips with the vast array of controls before them, their only lifeline is their “coach” who—frantically flipping through a custom “For Dummies” manual—tries to talk them through their first tentative steps into a dangerous world.

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Startup Sequence 360 Video

The Big Steel Battalion Box is on permanent loan to the MADE from it's creator, David Shuff