Final Fantasy at 30

Visit The MADE as we commemorate arguably the most influential role playing game of all time turning the dirty 30!!! We will be featuring an interactive 30 Years of Final Fantasy Exhibit showcasing six novel games presenting the series’ evolution across console generations as well as the breadth and variety definitive to the beloved franchise. The main feature of the exhibit is the collaborative, competitive playthrough in which each game is fully playable with the objective to see which title gets completed first and so forth. Each patron that successfully completes the final boss will have their name on our exhibit list and the best of bragging rights!!! So please enjoy our new exhibit as we enter 2018 which, according to game media sources, will be “a big year for the franchise…”
Final Fantasy Logo
Final Fantasy Games:
  • Final Fantasy I
  • Final Fantasy III
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Final Fantasy X
  • Final Fantasy XIII
Curator Broderick Purnell on the exhibit:
“I mean you have to be completely nuts not to love Final Fantasy. It’s the Gone with the Wind of console RPGs. I felt with its 30th birthday, the end of the year was the perfect time to celebrate. We’ve seen many commemorative titles, HD remakes, and a main series release over the past couple years in celebration. The internets are buzzing with the pending release of Final Fantasy VII remake and many media birdies have hinted at 2018 being a big year for the franchise. The FF hype train is real and now's a better time than ever to hitch a ride :wink:.”