History of Silent Hill & PT

Visit the MADE for a horror themed new exhibit featuring the history of the psychological horror series, Silent Hill. The exhibit features four of the classic Silent Hill games, plus the impossible-to-redownload PT. PT was planned to be a sequel for the series, featuring prominent game designer Hideo Kojima. However the game was infamously cancelled and the demo was removed from Playstation store. The only way to play now is to already own a copy... or come visit the MADE!



It Came From Silent Hill

Curator Taylor Nodell on the exhibit:

" I thought that PT would be a wonderful showcase for the MADE. It's an excellent, bite-sized piece of horror game history. Playing for only 20 minutes, you can get a good feel of how carefully crafted this experience was. This, coupled with the unfortunate cancellation, and abrupt removal of the demo, made for a perfect choice for a museum exhibit. Playing through the main series games, you can get a good idea how revolutionary the Silent Hill franchise was, and influential it is on the horror genre."