Lure Module Sunday #pokemongo


Sunday, July 17 2016, 2PM-4PM 3400 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94611 Hey, we’re hooked on Pokémon Go! That’s why on Sunday afternoon we’ll be throwing up Lure Modules and providing phone chargers. Come catch ’em all with us!

Habitat is now Open Source!

habitat screenshot

In 1986, LucasFilm Games and Quantum Link launched an original game world known as Habitat. It was unlike anything available for the Commodore 64 at the time, and it required its owners to be online with a modem-based dial-in service that billed by the hour. Qlink, as it was known, would go on to be […]

Closed for 4th of July Weekend


We will be closed for the duration of the holiday weekend, July 2-4. All classes are cancelled as well. Regularly scheduled programming will resume July 5. Have fun!

Where did this all start?

Cabbage Patch Kids

  Without a doubt, the most commonly asked question I get from reporters and visitors to the MADE is, “How did this all get started?” It’s a story I have told often in interviews. I have never, however, detailed the origins of the museum here, on our Website, aside from our extremely out of date […]

Free Python Classes


We’re happy to offer free Python classes starting June 11, 2016. We will be covering basic Python and some applications of Python over 4 Saturdays. Sign up here: Our classes and workshops are free to attend. We welcome beginners and those who want to spend the weekend playing with Python! Please note: this is […]

Closed Memorial Day Weekend


We are closed Memorial Day weekend. See you next weekend!

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